Simply Fresh

Simply Fresh Produce is a Kiwi owned and operated fruit and vege store, located in Northcote, Auckland.

Open Monday - Sunday 7am - 6.30pm

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Put Simply we are Fresh. From fresh Cut broccoli to crisp Apples, free range eggs to fresh bread, locally sourced specialities and the hottest seasonal produce all in one place.

Daily deliveries and our expert team ensure that our produce is in tip top shape when it gets to your place. Backed up by great local service and a commitment to sharing our food ideas with all our customers.

Best of all, we stand by our Freshness Guarantee. If you’re not 100% happy with our produce, I will replace it no questions asked.

Locally Yours,



Our fruit is picked daily, and we pride ourselves on it's freshness.


The cleanest greenest vegetables, as fresh as fresh comes.


Our experts know produce inside and out, and are happy to help with anything you need.